Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bennett Gap Ride - 10.24.10

I decided to head back into Pisgah today, and try out a new trail, Bennett Gap.  Bennett is a seasonal trail, which means it is only open to bikes from Oct. 15 - Apr. 15.  This was a very fun trail, with the best views I've seen so far in Pisgah, because of the depth of the mountain ranges you can see.  I started out at the Ranger Station and took FS 477 toward the horse stables.  I stayed on 477 past the stables, and pedaled (mostly) up a loooooooooooong climb, to Bennett Gap.  I didn't see any signs for this trail, but when you see Buckwheat Knob Trail on the right side of 477, look directly to your left and go around the gate, and you're on Bennett Gap.  You'll start out on some pretty normal singletrack, then you go through a small field of thorn bushes (blueberry bushes maybe?), and then you start doing some ridge riding with some hike-a-bike sections and the amazing views.  After a downhill hike-a-bike with some big rocks, the trail generally points down and is rideable.  It ended with a screamin' downhill that I had to take breaks on just to let my hands rest a bit, from the rigid fork beating.  I think the downhill was a good 15-20 minutes.  All-in-all, it was a fun trail, but a killer climb to get to it.








477 to Bennett Gap

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