Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pisgah Hike - 9.12.10

This probably should have been my first post, but a week ago we went for a nice high-country hike in the Shining Rock Wilderness of Pisgah N.F.  We started out on Ivestor Gap Rd/Tr and took that almost all the way to Shining Rock, meeting up with Old Butt Knob Tr close to the Rock.  We hung out on Shining Rock for a bit and listened to a cool local named Duane tell us stories, and talk shit to me.  I hope we run into him again, he was a good guy.  We decided to take the Art Loeb trail back for a bit, and then meet back up with Ivestor.  Art Loeb is a narrow trail that pretty much goes right over the top of the mountains, instead of staying level like Ivestor, which is an old road or railroad grade.  Anyway, Art Loeb was a tad more strenuous, and I think we ended up losing the trail and following a game trail, or blueberry picking trail.  No big deal, though, we found our way back eventually.  We saw plenty of bear scat along the way, but luckily no bears.  Apparently our "Whoa Bear!" calls were effective.  All in all, it was around 8-8.5 miles.

Some pics:

Ivestor Gap

Morning Dew

Part of Shining Rock

Duane Talking Shit to Me on Shining Rock

High Country Views


You can check out the full set of pics HERE.

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