Sunday, January 13, 2013

Raven Cliff Falls Hike

We made it out for another short hike today. Last night while hanging out at the Oskar Blues Brewery, we decided that today's hike would be to the Raven Cliff Falls overlook, up in Caesar's Head. We woke up and got our day started, and then headed up the mountain towards an ominous sky. We knew there was a chance of rain, and packed accordingly. The parking lot was pretty full, as usual, but we found a spot in the main lot, and headed out. We saw several people out on the trail, but it wasn't too crowded, and the trail itself was nice.

This is me with my sweet knee brace, and my trusty hiking staff, "Woody." Heather got "Woody" for me as a Christmas present before we moved down here. She ordered it from a shop in Brevard, and it has a woodland spirit carved into the top of it. It has come in very handy on our recent hikes.

Yeah, it was shorts and t-shirt weather.


We made it to the overlook in no time. It was 2.2 miles to this point.

Raven Cliff Falls 2


From there, we decided to start down Dismal Trail, which links up with the Naturaland Trust Trail, and goes to the base of the falls. Looking down from the overlook, I figured my knee might not be able to handle it, but we decided to at least check it out. Well, my hunch was correct. It got pretty steep, and was just a little too much for my knee for now. We did find a fun little rock outcropping to play on, though.



We headed back the way we came, and on the way back, the mist and fog rolled in. It was beautiful and surreal.


 Into the Mist

 Mystical Trail

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