Sunday, January 27, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

The Lazer Cat lacks it...

Ready to Roll

Just waiting for clearance from the ortho. Hopefully at the next visit in March.

I gave the Lazer Cat some TLC today with a total break-down, clean, lube, and rebuild. She was also treated to a shorter stem, and carbon 3/4 risers. Once I'm able to start mountain biking again, it'll be on the Lazer Cat. One reason being that I'll be less tempted to hit stuff I probably shouldn't yet. Secondly, this bike was the one I was on when I really started riding here, so it should be the one I'm on when I start back. Cruised it around the neighborhood a bit today, and it felt oh so sweet.

Just need to keep plugging away on strength-building for a couple more months.

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