Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Heather and I were in Asheville this morning, and had nothing too pressing to do this afternoon, so we took the long way home via the Blue Ridge Parkway. Coming down 276, Heather suggested we stop at the Forest Discovery Center to see what all was there. We pulled in and, lucky us, no admission fees on Tuesday!

We checked out the Discovery Center building and it has a gift shop, some really great photos, and a kids' discovery area. Outside, there are several miles of paved path that take you to original wooden buildings from the Biltmore Forest School era, and past several other interesting things including an old locomotive, a steam-powered sawmill, and an old farming homestead. We were pleasantly surprised at how much was back there. If you have kids, or you're just a geek like us, it's worth checking out, especially on Tuesdays.

I didn't have my camera, but I did get one iPhone pic. This is the lodge that used to be around the stone chimney in my last post, Cantrell Creek Lodge.

Cantrell Creek Lodge

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