Sunday, June 5, 2011

DuPont Weekend

I had a great weekend riding in DuPont. Saturday, I determined I had just enough new skin on my heels, so I went out on my own to get a harder ride in. I parked at Lake Imaging, and something was going on there. There was a big tent being erected, and some official-looking people stopped me to tell me where to park. Apparently, they're filming part of The Hunger Games here this week, and that lot will be home base. I headed out on my usual Briery and Back loop from this lot, and I was feeling good. I climbed all of the newly armored section of Jim Branch for the first time. After flying down Locust, I popped back out onto Lake Imaging Rd and hung a left as usual. As I descended down the gravel, I noticed that Grassy Creek Falls trail was open for the first time since I moved here. Since that was the only waterfall I hadn't seen in DuPont yet, I of course had to stop.

Only had my iPhone for pics that day.
Grassy Creek Falls

I also noticed a new trail to the right, immediately after I turned onto Grassy Creek Falls. I headed up this nameless trail, and it was obvious that this was brand spankin' new. It was still very soft, but pretty fun. It popped out onto Lake Imaging Rd., right by where I came out of Locust, branching off from the Hilltop Loop. I'll definitely be taking that instead of the gravel.

I continued on, climbing more of Oak Tree than ever before, up to Joanna Rd., and down to Twin Oaks, which was in perfect shape. I was really working on my body position, especially on the downhills, and I was carving down this trail better than ever. I hung a right on Briery Fork, and did the same with that downhill. This trail has two creek crossings, both with steep, technical climbs immediately after, and I've never been able to make it up either of them before. Today, however, I cleaned both climbs. Needless to say, I was very happy with that ride.

Sunday was another great ride at DuPont with Heather. We did the same loop as last time, but instead of going to Wintergreen Falls, we crossed the creek and got some photos coming down Grassy Creek Trail. This is a long, steep, rocky, and loose trail that is a blast. Part of the reason I love this trail is that it is never the same. Horse riders use this trail a lot, and the rocks are never in the same place. I only rode the bottom third of it, but Heather got some pretty good sequence shots. I made an animated .gif file, but it was too big for flickr. Meh.






Heather did great on the ride. Her fitness was much better, and she rode with a lot more confidence. She'll be flying down Black Mtn. with me in no time.

One last shot.


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