Sunday, February 13, 2011

Short Spin in Pisgah

Heather and I are officially house hunting. It's a little sooner than we wanted, especially since we are only half way through our lease, but we just can't stand sharing a wall with a gaggle of heavily-hooved humans anymore. Thankfully, our landlord is going to let us out of our lease early. Apparently a lawyer complaining about his right to quiet enjoyment of his leased property is scary to a landlord, plus we're using him as our agent, sooooooo...

Anyway, we had a meeting scheduled with him this afternoon, so I had to cancel on my planned ride for the day, but the weather was too perfect to not get out for a short ride. It was sunny, 60, and hadn't precipitated in a while, so I headed into Pisgah for a short but fun loop. I parked on 477, rode up Clawhammer and Maxwell, and then descended Black. 477 was a little sloppy in parts, but Clawhammer and Maxwell were solid. Most of upper Black was perfect, but there were still a fair number of muddy spots toward the bottom, where they did all that great drainage work. No precip forecasted for the upcoming week, so the trails will have a chance to dry out a bit more for next weekend.

It was a nice ride on a perfect day. My cardio shape is still really lacking, but the 1x9 setup worked great. I have a Paul's Chainkeeper on it, and it worked flawlessly.  I think it'll give me just enough gearing options.


The 1x9 Setup

Perfect Day in Pisgah

On Maxwell

Pressley Gap

Lower Black


  1. Glad you still got out. It looks like they took out the jump?

  2. Yeah, I think there was a jump at that creek. That was before my time; they did the work before I moved down here.