Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short After-Work Ride - Bennett Gap

It wasn't long ago that my after-work/school rides were at Tower Park in Ft. Thomas, KY, or East Fork State Park in Batavia, OH. While I still felt pretty lucky to have decent places to ride within a short drive, now I can be in Pisgah in 10 minutes. It's still a little surreal to be honest. I got out of court a little early today, so I headed to the Forest and parked at the Ranger Station on 276. From there, I rode up 477 to the top of Bennett Gap, and bombed my way back down to 477 and back to the car. The weather was perfect and the trails were empty. I actually felt really good today, too, and now I'm drinking a Highlands Black Mocha Stout. Life is good.

Bennett Gap-1

Bennett Gap-2

Bennett Gap-3

Lazer Cat at Bennett Gap

Bennett Gap-4

Coontree Gap


  1. Hey Rick .. is 477 open now? All the way past the stables?

  2. To bikes and hikers. Gates are still closed, so no cars. The work is all finished, though.

  3. One of these times down there I plan on going down Bennet and not up.

    Hey, maybe next weekend :-)