Sunday, December 19, 2010

DuPont Ride with Mike G.

My buddy Mike was in town, and he had some free time and wanted to ride.  He doesn't get much free time with a young daughter and a pregnant wife that is about to pop, so I was more than happy to pick him up and show him around DuPont a bit.  This was only my second opportunity to ride with him, and it honestly may have only been his second time really going mountain biking.  Well, he's a natural.  He does way better than I ever did starting out, and he climbs like a damn goat.

It was a pretty cold day, and there was quite a bit of ice and snow on the trails still, but it was still a blast.  We started from the Lake Imaging lot and did an abbreviated version of the Briery and Back loop, with a slight detour to see High Falls.  We did around 12.5 miles at a nice leisurely pace.  Great ride.

I only got one pic before my battery died.  Guess I should have charged it after yesterday's hike.

High Falls

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