Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pilot Mountain

It initially looked like half of last weekend was going to be a bust, weather-wise, but Saturday turned out to not be as rainy as anticipated.  It had been raining for two days prior, so the trails were shit, but I was able to get a gravel ride in on the Lazer Cat.  The route from the Hub was Estatoe>276>477>276>475B>475>276>Beer.  It was ~25 miles and uneventful, but very nice to get out on a bike, unexpectedly.

On Sunday, I wanted to get out in the Forest with Heather, so we planned a short'ish, but strenuous hike along our nemesis trail, Art Loeb, up to the summit of Pilot Mountain.  This is one of the taller summits in the area, topping out over 5000 feet, and has a nice 360* view from the top.  The hike up was pretty nice, and got really steep in some sections.

Art Loeb to Pilot Mtn.


Heather was just getting over a sinus infection, and her lungs were not cooperating fully, but she persevered, and made it up to the summit, and a beautiful view.




We continued north on the ALT until we intersected with 229, and took the gravel back down to the car.  It was a good hike, and we can check another summit off of the list.

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