Sunday, April 8, 2012

Housework, Trailwork, Riding, Blah Blah Blah

Another action-packed weekend. Saturday morning was another Bracken Mtn workday. We're getting closer and closer to the Forest property. Hopefully we'll get a good turnout for the next workday or two and finish up with the corridor clearing. After that, it was time to paint the bathroom after taking forever to strip the wallpaper and prep the walls. I HATE wallpaper. Especially the wallpaper in this house. Only three more rooms to strip and paint. Woohooo!!

Today was a perfect day for a ride (as was yesterday, oh well), so I headed to the Forest. I had no agenda really, so I just started making my way up Clawhammer. Up at the gap I took a moment to notice how the trees have all sprouted leaves in the past few days.

Buckhorn Gap Sky

I still had no idea what route I wanted to take, so I headed down Buckhorn Gap, and took a left on S. Mills. I really like this section of S. Mills. It has a fun, rocky downhill, and some technical, rocky riding along the river. Once I got to the parking lot, I decided that I would hit a couple of seasonal trails before they're closed, so I headed to Pink Beds.

Pink Beds Sign

Today is Easter, so why wouldn't I find this along the trail?

Pink Beds Bible

I left it for someone who might actually appreciate it, and continued my leisurely spin along Pink Beds loop. I made it to the parking lot and it was mayhem. The lot was full, and there were obese people everywhere. It was like I was in Gatlinburg, except there were no t-shirt or fudge shops. I sat in the shade and had a GU before heading down 276 to 477.

Pink Beds Picnic Area

Obviously, once on 477 I headed up for a run down Bennett. It was lovely.

Bennett Gap

Bennett Gap

MRI tomorrow morning. Can't wait to have that giant dye-injection needle shoved under my knee cap. Fun stuff.

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