Sunday, March 11, 2012

Terrible Week, Good Weekend

Had a pretty rough week with a friend and colleague passing away unexpectedly. I was also fighting a cold, and the stress of the situation made that a losing battle. I needed some forest time in a bad way, and luckily I was feeling well enough to ride by the weekend.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and I was able to spend about 3.5 hours of ride time in Dupont. I started on Reasonover, and did Turkey Gap and the Poplar Loop as a lollipop out and back, then made my way over to the Corn Mill Shoals area via Airstrip, Shelter Rock, Conservation Road, Buck Forest, Pine Tree, Sheep Mtn, and Cascade. Rode Rock Quarry, Micajah, Wilkie, Burnt Mtn., Cedar/Big Rock, and then started back the way I came back to Buck Forest, Conservation, Pitch Pine, 3 Lakes, Conservation, Bridal Veil, Corn Mill, Shoals, Laurel Ridge, Mine Mtn, Car. I was happy to be able to last that long considering the week I had. It was a great ride.

Some Scenery Pics:

Lake Julia Gulia

Does two make a gaggle?

Break Time

Top of High Falls

Lake Alford

Today was a lazy Sunday with a short ride to work the funk out of my legs. I started late and just beat the sun. Not a very exciting loop, but really enjoyable. Hatchery, 475B, 225, Connector, Cove Creek, Davidson River, Hatchery. It was a perfect evening for a ride.


Hopefully this will be a better week.

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