Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rough Weekend

Honestly, I don't know how we do it sometimes. Life here can be rough. Yesterday, Heather and I took Kenda and ourselves for a short hike up in the Graveyard Fields area. We had been meaning to check it out for a while, but it's always so crowded. Well, yesterday was a beautiful day, but pretty cold and windy, so there were only a few cars in the lot when we got there. We headed down to Lower Falls first, and played around.

I'm in this photo somewhere.

Lower Falls

Kenda enjoyed the view.


We then started making our way up to the aptly named, Upper Falls. Kenda hiked with dad...

Father/Daughter Hike

Graveyard Fields

...but took breaks with mom.

Taking a Break in Graveyard Fields

Upper Falls

It was a little sloppy on the trails, but was a nice hike that we all needed.

Today, I wanted to see how the new bike was for longer rides, so I went for a 30'ish mile jaunt in Pisgah. Starting at the Ranger Station, I headed up 477, up Clawhammer, down Buckhorn Gap, left on S. Mills...

S. Mills River

S. Mills River

...up the FS road, right on Funneltop Mtn. Road...

Funneltop Mtn. Rd. Overlook

...right on Horse Cove to Squirrel Gap...

Break at Squirrel Gap

...right on Squirrel Gap to Wolf Ford...

Wolf Ford

...up S. Mills, up Buckhorn, down Clawhammer, 477, 276, and back to the Ranger Station. It was an awesome ride, and the bike felt great. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good, too.

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