Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazer Cat Transportation

I finally got to ride today for the first time since before Christmas. Went home to Cincy for the holiday, and one or all of my nephews got Heather and I sick. Today, I finally felt good enough to go for a ride. It was 50ish and cloudy when I got to the Lake Imaging lot at Dupont; perfect riding weather. I spent several hours yesterday putting a hitch on my new car. I think it looks pretty good. Ok, so you can't see the hitch here, but the new ride is sweet.


I felt bad letting the Grand Cherokee go, but it was time. It just wasn't reliable anymore, and the mileage sucked.

I felt pretty good on the ride, and my lungs appeared surprisingly clear and healthy. I made it up to the slickrock section atop Joanna Mtn Rd. without issue.



From there, I did the usual Briery and Back route, but it rained the entire rest of the ride, so the camera stayed in the pack. I noticed some crazy water bar work on Grassy Creek Trail. Hopefully it'll settle in pretty soon, because right now it's bad. I'll leave it at that. You can go see for yourself. After a great run down Ridgeline, I was back at the car, and a worker from the park drove up taking a parking lot survey. Apparently there have been some break-ins lately of the smash and grab variety, especially around dusk, so keep your valuables out of sight.

I was wet and chilled, but the new heated seats on the way home, and some cocoa with schnapps made me feel much better. On another note, Mike and I are signed up for PMBAR again. Our team name is "Weregoingtofinishthisyear," and we are. You'll see.


  1. Sweet new ride!!

    I am jealous on PMBAR, it has been a few years since I had missed this.