Monday, November 21, 2011


So I haven't really done much that was post-worthy since Single Dare.  A little bit of hiking and a little bit of riding, but the camera hasn't come out at all.  I started a new job about a month ago, and although it's great to be working full-time hours, it sucks to be working full-time hours.  I haven't been nearly as motivated to do much in the woods, let alone post on here.  Hopefully that'll change soon, though, as I get in more of a routine.  The job is great, btw, thanks for asking.

This past weekend, I received a couple of reminders of how great it is to live in Brevard.  On Saturday, Heather and I were tooling around town, and a yellow pickup truck drove by with a dummy dressed up as a hunter strapped to the hood.  The driver and passenger were both dressed up as deer, and as they drove by they yelled "We got one!"  That was hilarious to me, and it's the quirky little things like that that make me love Brevard more and more.

On Sunday, I was reminded (like I needed it) of just how great the riding is around Brevard, because I made my first ever trip up to Bent Creek.  I see no need to ever go back there.  Every parking lot was full, and the trails were pretty boring.  I rode the higher trails including Wolf something, Ingles something, and the famous Greens Lick, and then back the way I came.  I guess I'm just spoiled living here or something.  A few years ago, I probably would have loved the trails at Bent Creek, and I think it is probably a great trail system for newer riders, roadies that want to ride their mountain bikes the same way they ride their road bikes, and folks who live in Asheville and don't feel like traveling to Mills River, Brevard, or Cedar Mountain.  I'm definitely blessed to live where I do.

I'll post some pretty pictures again soon.  I promise.

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