Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Hike Before the Storm

We apparently have a big winter storm heading our way tonight, so we made a point of getting out in the forest today. We had always wondered about that trailhead along the side of 276 by the bridge, aka Moore Cove, so that's where we went. It was a pretty easy little hike, and surprisingly busy considering the cold, but the falls at the end were cool. It was basically a tall, but low-flow, waterfall, falling over the front of an overhanging rock, or what I have always called an Indian Cave. The falls were much bigger than I expected, because they really don't look very big in pictures, unless there's a person for scale. We followed the trail a bit past the falls and came across a smaller version of them, but then turned around.

We had also heard that if you follow the trail that branches off of Moore Cove close to the trailhead, that it will take you to Jack's Cove falls. We decided to go for it. If you want to follow this trail, you want to take the left at the top of the wooden stairs from the trailhead. The marker will just say "Closed Road" on it, but it's open to hiking. We followed this for quite a ways, and made it to Jack's Cove, but turned around before we made it to the falls. It was getting late, the temps were dropping, blisters were forming, and I had Chicken 'n Dumplins to make, dammit.









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